Aboleth Lair

This community map has been submitted by wsuweaver!

Download the Map file (.rwmap) clicking  here!


This map uses assets from :

Essentials by Arkenforge

This pack also contains a number of Community packs

Download them clicking here

Scroll down instructions on how to import it!

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Sold By: Community Submissions

How to use it?

Step 1. : Download the map clicking on the link above.
Step 2. : Right click on the downloaded file, select copy
Step 3. : Open your launcher
Step 4. : Click on Settings in the main menu

Step 5. : Click on Installation

Step 6. : Click on Open folder within the Installation settings

Step 7. : Open the Maps folder

Step 8. : Right click and paste the downloaded file into the Maps folder.

Step 9. : Launch the toolkit, and it will be listed under your maps 🙂

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